Sponsorship opportunities available for your business!

With sponsorships from community business partners

and individuals, we can support Cottonwood's mission:

We help people with disabilities shape their own future.

2019 Sponsorship Brochure

2019 Mass St Mosey Venues

Delaney & Loew

Eagles Rest Mattresses and Furniture
Goldmakers Jewelry
KB & Co.
Kizer Cummings

Kring's Interiors
Love Garden
Marks Jewelers
Mass St Mercantile

Phoenix Gallery
Sharks Surf X Supply

The Etc. Shop
Waxman Candles

Mass Street Mosey Caterers

The Levee Cafe - at Anomoly
RND Corner Grille - at Delaney & Loew
Alchemy Coffee & Bakehouse - Eagles Rest
The Basil Leaf Cafe - at Eccentricity
Mr. Bacon BBQ - at Goldmaker's
McLain's Market - at Phoenix Gallery/KB & Co.
WheatFields Bakery - at Kizer Cummings
Free State Brewery- at Kring's Interiors
Leeway Franks - at Love Garden
Zen Zero - at Mark's Jewelers
Lucky Berry- at Mass St Mercantile
Wake The Dead - at Shark's Surf X Supply
Mad Greek - at The Etc. Shop
WheatFields Bakery - at Waxman Candles